Operational Systems

Operational Systems


What will the waves and sea level be like tomorrow? What beach area will  be more appropriate for the kids to swim at tomorrow afternoon? Will the oil spill reach the coast in the next few days? Will the tsunam generated  two hours ago in Alaska affect my city? Can I catch quality waves on the beach this afternoon? What is the probability that the port can operate within within the next three days? To answer these questions as best as possible, IH Cantabria has developed various methodologies and numerical and statistical tools for application in operational oceanography, techniques such as nesting and coupling models, refining techniques (downscaling) both dynamic and statistical modeling waves , and current levels associated with different dynamics (storms, tsunamis, density and salinity gradients) and respond to issues related to predicting very short (a few hours), short (24-72 hours) and medium term (15 days) wave, flood, erosion, transport of substances, transportation of hydrocarbons, surf quality, operability port, maritime construction works, impact of tsunamis, ...

Relevant projects:

- Study of oil spill scenarios in the refinery of Gibraltar-San Roque CEPSA (Spain)

- Mid-term operational prediction system to study the evolution of an oil spill in offshore wind farms (Bay of Biscay)

- PATO (Early Warning Program Wave) Sist Oper009
 DATE: 2008Sist Oper009
CLIENT: Dragados (CDTI Project)
TASK: Early Warning
Swell Program  (DUCK), conducted under the project called SAYOM CDTI. In this project we developed a prediction system with working conditions for meteocean variables within the construction phase of the Puerto de La Coruña in Punta Langosteira.


-Surfspot (Prediction System surf conditions) DATSOPER004
DATE: 2011
CLIENT: IH Cantabria
TASK: Predicting surf conditions along the coast of Cantabria, using NowCast prediction and forecasting (72 h) meteocean conditions and prediction by means of a quality
surfing index (www.surfspots.es)


- System dynamics forecasting on coastal beachesSist OPEr015

DATE: 2002-2011Sist OPEr015
CLIENT: IH Cantabria, NATO and Hydrographic Institute of the Spanish Navy (IHM)
TASK: This is a prediction system at 24 and 48 hours, marine dynamics within the surf zone on beaches (wave height and type of break, sea level, width of the surf zone and currents), to automatically upload the predictions on a website. It is a tool that has been used for multiple purposes, among which we can mention: the determination of safety zones for swimming in dangerous beaches, identifying areas for water sports such as surfing, sailing safety boats near the beaches, naval exercises landings on beaches, applied in NATO exercises from 2002 to 2011.

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