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Oil spills

Over the years, IH Cantabria has developed numerical methods and tools to be used in all aspects of planning and response to oil spills. Oil spills are a serious problem affecting coastal and marine environments,a problem which is increasing on a yearly basis together with the increment in shipping and mining activities or due to the exploitation and management of fuel derived products. As a result of this threat and in order to protect the coastline and to reduce potential impacts, both environmental and socio-economic, increasingly stringent regulations are being implemented worldwide. IH Cantabria provides technical advice and information to managers and companies to develop contingency plans that comply with current regulations and include the latest scientific and technical advances.

The services offered include assistance on: development of contingency plans, risk assessment of pollution, use of anti-pollution barriers, physical endurance test of barriers, development of operational systems (real-time) spill trajectory prediction (forward and reverse (backtraking)), environmental impact assessment, and the design and development of emergency oil spill drills.


Some relevant projects

- Development System spill trajectory prediction for the Bay of Biscay (TESEOVigía)Derr HI001

DATES: 2010

CLIENT: Cuevas, Works Management SL

TASK: TESEOVigía is a web application that runs on a remote server. A user from any computer with an Internet connection can access the server and make predictions. The system downloads daily data and wind currents are used for predictions and TeseoVigía allows users to perform the simulation and visualization of the trajectories of spills or floating objects.


- Study of oil spill scenarios in the refinery of Gibraltar-San Roque CEPSA (Spain)Derr HI004

DATES: 2011


TASK: We have developed an operational spill trajectory prediction, called Athena-RGSR. The web application is running on a remote server. Faced with a possible spill in the Bay of Algeciras, the system can predict its trajectory in the short term (36 hours) considering ocean-meteorological predictions provided daily by data providers systems in real time.


- System operational medium-term prediction of the evolution of a spill in offshore wind farms (Gulf of Vizcay)Derr HI006

DATES: 2011-2012


TASK: Development of methodologies and numerical tools that allow the development of a system for predicting the medium-term trend (15 days-1 month) produced oil spill in offshore wind farms.

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