Variability analysis

Variability analysis

IH Cantabria has a vast amount of knowledge in the field of statistical analysis of environmental variables for many different types of studies: risk analysis; infrastructure life-cycle including pre-design, design, feasability, repairs and maintenance; or climate change. IH Cantabria is able to provide the research and technical background necessary to face many of the new challenges arising in this field.   This is especially true when looking at the continually increasing amount of information available on the variables affecting the marine and coastal environment, both instrumental data from buoys, meteorological stations, cameras, satellites, etc as wella s numerical reanalysis data which require special methodologies and allow including all the available information.

To this effect, IH Cantabria has participated in many different projects involving the statistical characterization of of environmental variables and the analysisi of their variability to be applied to differents fields:

  1. energetic exploitation of coastal resources and their optimization,
  2. climatic characterization of the marine physical environment,
  3. prevention and response modelling for spills in port, coastal and transitional waters,
  4. short, mid and longterm morphodynamic beach evolution,
  5. climate change effects on the coast,
  6. design of coastal infrastructures and wave interaction studies.

Relevant works:

- Multidisciplinary Research Consortium on Gradual and Abrupt Climate Changes an their Impacts on the Environment (GRACCIE)

DATES: 2007-2012ANV002
CLIENT: MCI. Programa Consolider Ingenio 2010 (CSD2007-00067)
TASKS: GRACCIE aims to develop prediction models which can assist society's adaptation process to short, mid and long term changes realted to climate change.


- Mathematic-statistical analisis of Environmental Variables (AMEVA) 

DATES: 2011-2013ANV004
CLIENT: Internal IH Cantabria project
TASKS: Development of a matlab based software to implement the different statistical tools developed at IH Cantabria. 


- Mathematic-statistical analisis of environmental variables and the integration into the processing of RISK in marine and coastal engineering (AMVAR)

DATES: 2011-2013ANV006
CLIENT: Plan Nacional del Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (CTM2010-15009) (Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Science)
TASKS: Development of new methodologies statistical analisis and description of environmental variables affecting coastal engineering projecfts as well as their integration for risk evaluation.


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