Environmental Flows in Navarra (Spain)

The project "Calculating Environmental Flow Regimes at different points in Navarra's  River Systems" was carried out as a joint activity by the Government of Navarra's Environmental Department, the private company EKOLUR S.L. and IH Cantabria.

The main goal of th project was to calculate the minimum environmental flows for over 100 points along the river systems in Navarra (Spain) making it the most detailed study to date carried out on the Ebro basin.  The project comprised the rivers in the Cantabrian and Mediterranean watersheds, which also allowed us to study the influence of the diverse environmental and hydrologic conditions on each watershed when estimating seasonal flows.

To carry out the study, a new technique was used which integrates the results obtained from hydrological and hydrobiological methods, based on the simulation of the potential usable habitat by combining hydraullic models and preference curves. With this information we were able to analyze the effects of the flow variations in specific segments and propose a seasonal variation regime of the minimum flows throughout the year. This methodology has been used and verified in other geographic and climatic areas throughout Spain.


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