Arga River

For over10 years IH Cantabria has been conducting studies and research aimed at understanding the behavior of the Arga River and its major tributaries in the vicinity of Pamplona, more specifically looking at the water quaility.

In one of the fist studies carried out the focus was on the analysis of the impact of the discharges into the network by studying the lowering of the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the urban sections of the river. With this information, the regional government was able to establish the correct location and dimensions of various storm drains and thereby improve the sanitation of the city of Pamplona.

In the "Survey of modeling the impact of the discharges into the river Arga Arazuri" developed between 2010 and 2011, which extended the previous analysis d to the section between Pamplona and Puente La Reina, we analyzed not only the impact of those discharges but also the influx of the discharge from the hydroelectric plant located at the Arakil river.

In conducting these studies have used hydraulic calculation software (HEC- RAS) and
water quality simulation programs (QUAL2E and WASP) both for permanent and non permanent regimes. Their parameters have been calibrated and validated using data obtained from specific water quality campaigns carried out by the Government of Navarra.

The results of these studies have allowed us to develop different management strategies for the Arga basin, ranging from the performance on the quality of discharges, the proposed removal of some dams or providing critical flows from reservoirs. A unique aspect of this study has been the analysis of the impact of the mini hydro-electric stations on the river's water quality.
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