MEDVSA“MEDVSA” (“MEtodología de Diseño de los Vertidos de SAlmuera - Methodology for the design of Brine Discharges) is an R&D project carried out between 2009-2011 and financed by the Spanish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Environment.  IH Cantabria, lead partner, together with CEDEX were the first to develop in Spain a methodology to design brine discharges into the sea from water desalination plants. 

Within the framework of the MEDVSA project,  IH Cantabria was able to advance in the investigation of such discharges . Among other tasks,  the commercial models which were used throughout the study were analyzed and validated, specific experimental facilities were built to utilize advanced optical techniques, ad hac numerical models were designed for the disposal of brine (tools " brIHne " ) and subsequently recalibrated with experimental data obtained from the tests. A methodological guide for the design of these discharges  was also obtained.

To ensure that the information reached the interested stakehoders and that the knowledge generated was transferred,  a web portal 
( was developed, where the Methodological Guide and its accompanying tools , as well as information courses brIHne tools can be downloaded.

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