The COASTVIEW(2002-2005) is a European project which brings together universities, research centers and institutions who have an interest in coastal management. The project aims to implement a video camera system to monitor the coast. It aims to show the usefulness of these types of systems to effectively manage coastal systems and help understand the morphodynamic processes taking place.

Within this project, IH Cantabria has installed a video system studying the beach of "El Puntal" of Santander. The implementation of this system and a series of field campaigns carried out within the project, provided the basis for the development of numerical models and algorithms that allow the identification of image based indicators, in order to solve problems related with navigation safety in the port access channels, understand and protect the beaches and dunes from potential erosion, flooding, dredging impacts or construction works, and of course the social aspects of a beach such as this one which is heavily used during both summer and winter seasons for many different sporting and tourist activities.


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