Climate Change on the Spanish Coast C3E

The overall objective of the proposal is to develop data, methodologies and tools for the assessment of impacts and the identification of adaptation measures to respond to the needs of the Spanish National Climate Change Adaptation Plan in coastal areas using scientific, technical and socio-economic data, considering climate variability and climate change both in the present and in the future. Within the coastal zone, the plan focuses on flood and erosion risks and the possible impact on infrastructure, studying the impacts and adaptation for large coastal cities and the tourism industry. Th eplan also aims to develop new methodologies and tools developed which can then be used as a reference by the Nairobi Programme of the United Nations.

Specific objectives focus on specific results such as:

  • Methodologies and techniques for the development of digital databases of high temporal and spatial resolution of past and future marine climate in open water and reduced depth generation techniques comparing predictions / projections of future marine climate (extrapolation of trends from statistical analysis non-stationary, dynamic downscaling and statistical downscaling)
  • Recommended for use in different applications, impact assessments and adaptation strategies,
  • Development of impact indicators for different coastal areas including coastal management units and generation of an Impact atlas for the Spanish coast.
  • Applications of methodologies and tools to selected management units
  • Proposed actions to assess risk and to improve the adaptability and resilience of the management units considered and especially Spanish coastal towns, especially "sun and beach" tourism, to climate change
  • Development of techniques for adaptation "climate-proof".
  • Development of an Atlas, integrating the databases into a GIS, with easily manageable tools and methodological manuals making it user friendly for public authorities and national and international organizations.
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