Francisco Peñas

Francisco Peñas


    Francisco (Kiko) Peñas obtained his degree in Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master degree in Environmental Management of Aquatic Systems from the University of Cantabria. In 2008 he joined the freshwater ecosystem research group of the IH Cantabria and currently, he is in the final phase of his PhD, which is focused on the field of the Ecohydrology. The main objective of his thesis is the research and application of different approaches to characterize, classify and predict the hydrologic character of fluvial networks from an ecologically perspective.

    In addition, since joining the IH Cantabria, Kiko has taken part on several research projects covering a wide range of topics related with the conservation and management of freshwater and estuarine ecosystem. As a result, he has acquired a significant experience in the experimental design, sample collection and processing, advance statistics and numerical modeling. His work has been reflected in the publication of several articles in journals included in the Science Citation Index and the contribution to workshops and numerous national and international conferences.


    Grupo de Ecosistemas Continentales

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