Ana Silió-Calzada

Ana Silió-Calzada


    Ana Silió -Calzada has been a researcher at  IH Cantabria since 2009, specializing in remote sensing applied to aquatic systems.

    After graduating in 1998 in Marine Sciences from the University of Vigo , Dr. Silio entered the M.Sc. program Earth Sciences and Space York University (Canada) , where she majored in marine and airborne remote sensing perspective under the direction of Dr. John R. Miller . After graduating in 2002 , she joined the program "Young Graduate Trainee" ( YGT )  at the European Space Agency , within the Division of Earth Observation , based in Italy ( ESA / ESRIN ) , where Ana remained for two years. Her work was aimed at the exploitation of the optical sensor ( MERIS ) ENVISAT satellite. In 2004 Dr. Silio joined the team of marine optics and remote sensing of the Laboratoire d' Oceanographie of Villefranche (LOV ) of CNRS  to carry out her PhD program in Earth Sciences and Space at the University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI (France ) . Under the supervision of Dr. Annick Bricaud , with a thesis on the estimation of new primary production in coastal upwelling areas, data from multiple satellite sensors. The project's goal was to harness the synergy between sensors of different nature for biogeophysical variables and causes of their variability over time, with the Benguela ecosystem, as a case study . For this project , she was awarded a scholarship financed by the French Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales ( CNES ) and the company ACRI -st .

    Silió-Calzada, A., A. Bricaud and B. Gentili (2008). Estimates of sea surface nitrate concentrations from sea surface temperature and chlorophyll concentration in upwelling areas: a case study for the Benguela system. Remote Sensing of Environment 112, 3173-3180.

    Silió-Calzada, A., A. Bricaud, J.Uitz and B. Gentili (2008). Estimation of new primary production in the Benguela upwelling area, using ENVISAT satellite data and a model dependent on the phytoplankton community structure. Journal of Geophysical Research 113, C11023, doi:10.1029/2007JC004588.

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    Silió-Calzada, A., J.R. Miller, and J. Freemantle (2001).“Estimations of Bb/a in the St. Lawrence Estuary Using CASI Data Inversions” at the International Symposium for Spectral Sensing Research (ISSSR), Quebec City, Canada, 11-15 June 2001.

    Silió-Calzada, A., A. Bricaud and B. Gentili (2005). Synergetic use of ocean colour (MERIS) and sea surface temperature (AATSR) for a study of variations in total and new primary production in upwelling areas: Application to the Benguela ecosystem. MERIS-(A)ATSR Workshop, Frascati, Italy, 26-30 September 2005.

    Silió-Calzada, A., A. Bricaud, F. D’Ortenzio, S. Marullo, and B. Gentili (2006). Monitoring carbon export in upwelling areas from space: A satellite-based study of variability in new and total primary production in the Benguela ecosystem. Ocean Optics XVIII , Montreal, 9-13 October 2006.

    Bricaud, A., A.M. Ciotti, A. Silió-Calzada and B. Gentili (2006). Retrievals of a Size Parameter for Phytoplankton and Light Absorption by Colored Detrital Matter from Ocean Color Measurements : Validation and Application to SeaWiFS Images . Ocean Optics XVIII, Montréal, Québec, 9-13 October 2006.

    Silió-Calzada A., A. Bricaud, and B. Gentili (2006). Utilisation des Données Satellitaires pour l’Estimation de la Production Primaire Nouvelle dans les Régions d’Upwelling Côtières:Application à l’écosystème du Benguela. Journées CNES, Toulouse, 17-19 October 2006 (poster).

    Silió-Calzada A., A. Bricaud, J. Uitz, and B. Gentili (2008). Estimation of new primary production in upwelling areas, using ENVISAT satellite data and a model dependent on the phytoplankton community structure: application to the Benguela system. MERIS-(A)ATSR Workshop, Frascati, Italy, 22-26 September 2008.

    Méndez F., Losada I., Camus P., González B., Gutiérrez D. Silió-Calzada A. (2011). Methodologies, tools and hydrodynamic databases for the optimal selection, design and exploitation of aquaculture activities. European Space Agency (ESA) Aquaculture Project Workshop, Oslo, Noruega, 31 de Marzo – 1 de Abril 2011.

    Loverde-Oliveira S., Huszar V., Mazzeo N., Barquín J., Silió-Calzada A. (2011). Flood-plain lakes in South America: alternative states, control factors and global warming effects. XIII Congresso Brasileiro de Limnología. September 7th, 2011.


    Silió-Calzada A. (2011). Observing the Earth from Space. Invited conference at the II International Seminar in Engineering Technological Management. Univeristy of Boyaca (Colombia), September 20th, 2011.


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