Modelling of coastal processes

Modelling of coastal processes

One of IH Cantabria's traditional lines of research has been the development of numerical models for the study of coastal processes related to both marine and sediment transport dynamics along with morphological changes on beaches.

The dynamic line marine research focuses on the study of propagation of waves, currents and sea level from turbulent processes to the processes in the larger spatial and temporal scales.

The projects carriedout in beach morphodynamics have contributed to major scientific breakthroughs, simulating both the morphology of the beaches in the short term by means of beach plan evolution (2DH) and profile (2DV) models, as well as in the understanding of the processes in the long term, through the development of beach specific models which take into consideration seasonal variability in beaches.

IH Cantabria invests heavily in knowledge transfer of scientific results to ensure that they benefit society, implementing models and working methods which are the result of research and experience and making them more user friendly. An example of this type of tool is the Coastal Modelling System SMC. The models developed adhere to a continuous process of validation and callibration using experimental testing in our lab facilities IHLabHidro and field testing through our beach monitoring systems.

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