Tamara Rodríguez

Tamara Rodríguez

Tamara Rodríguez Castillo, has a Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Alcalá (2004/2009). She joined the research staff of IH Cantabria with a predoctoral grant from the University of Cantabria (UC) in June 2010.

Initially she carried out an internship`within her Master's Degree in Environmental Management for Water Systems (UC). In March 2011 she presented her Master's Thesis Research paper titled "Non-permanent water quality modeling in Arga River (Spain)".

In order to continue with the new investigation lines identified in her Master's Thesis Research, she enrolled in the PhD program "Science and Technology for Environmental Management of Water Systems" (UC). Currently she is working on her PhD on Water Quality Modeling in Freshwaters,  paying special attention to the shallow waters with a low index of renovation (backwaters in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.) in order to have a better understanding of fluvial metabolisms.

Tamara collaborates with the IH Cantabria both internal research lines through different projects related to her thesis. In this context she has done several tasks of great scientific interest with which she has been able to collect many articles and specialized bibliography, field campaigns in rivers, deepen understanding and management of different numerical hydraulic models (HEC-RAS, ROMS,...) and water quality models (QUAL2K, WASP, ...) as well as tools for data processing and analysis of results (Matlab, ArcGIS, ...), etc.

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