The main objectives of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria are:
  •     The transfer of knowledge, methodologies and tools for public authorities and national and international companies to improve coastal and freshwater system's management
  •     The training of researchers and specialists in the field of Environmental Hydraulics .


Other objectives that are to be covered by the Institute are:

  •     Serve as an interface between adminitrations and companies.
  •     Promote more active participation between business and R&D institutions.
  •     Collaborate on projects for developing countries especially in Latin America.
  •     Provide advice and services in the scope of work of the Institute.
  •     Support the creation of spin- offs from the activity generated at the Institute.
  •     Develop models, patents and know-how to increase the international competitiveness of the companies we collaborate with and the lknowledge of our policy-makers to help in the decision-making process.


En cumplimiento de establecido en art. 347 de la Ley 9/2017, de 08 de noviembre, de Contratos del Sector Público, por la que se transponen al ordenamiento jurídico español las Directivas del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo 201/23/UE y 2014/24/UE, de 26 de febrero de 2014, y de acuerdo con el punto segundo del acuerdo del Consejo de Gobierno de Cantabria de 25 de Mayo de 2017, el perfil del contratante de la Fundación Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de Cantabria se encuentra accesible en la Plataforma de Contratación del Sector Público en el siguiente enlace:


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