Courses on Hydraulic Engineering and Coastal Processes

Courses on Hydraulic Engineering and Coastal Processes

Workshop to exchange knowledge on good practices in environmental management in the amazon region
Tailored training course for the design of soft engineering techniques and climate change adaption and intervention measures (including beach/foreshore recharge)
Outfall management using Cormix, planning and environmental studies of brine, urban and regrigeration discharges
X Jornadas Españolas de Costas y Puertos

Azahar Seminars: Desarrollo e implementación de planes y programas GIZC en el ámbito mediterráneo, Casos prácticos de PPGIZC en el ámbito Mediterráneo, y Herramientas para la GIZC en el ámbito mediterráneo.


Long wave run up

Upcoming courses:

Coastal Modeling Systems Course (SMC)
More information and registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Palce and dates: IH Cantabria, 4 - 8 of November 2013
Price: 1000 euros + IVA (1210 euros)
Sistema de Modelado Costero (SMC)

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