Over the last 10 years, IH Cantabria has been carrying out work related to the assessment of environmental impacts generated by anthropogenic activities, using a multidisciplinary approach. Much of this work has focused on the evaluation of the impact generated by urban and industrial discharges, with a special emphasis on outfalls. In this field, IH Cantabria has experts specializing in the management and development of hydrodynamic models, with extensive knowledge of the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems and their response to such changes.

Furthermore, IH Cantabria  has participated in the evaluation of impacts of various activities related to water, such as port facilities, offshore facilities, dredgings, etc.

Some relevant projects:

- Environmental Sustainability Report Infrastructure Master PlanAPS

DATE: 2012
CLIENT: Port Authority of Santander
TASKS: developing the Environmental Sustainability Report PDIPS for the Spanish Ministry of Environment.

- Development of various programs  to correct the effects of an oil spills from the Prestige tanker off the coast of Cantabria

DATE: 2003-2006
CLIENT: Waste Company Cantabria. Government of CantabriaJoyel delante de la barrera2
TASKS: Study of the effects of the Prestige oil spill on water quality, sediment and biological communities.

- EIA  of the expansion of the dredging of the port of Moin (Costa Rica)

DATE: 2005
CLIENT: Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic (JAPDEVA) - University of Costa RicaCostaRIca
TASKS: a study of the environmental impact of the work provided

- Study of the effects of storm water discharge canal of Torrevieja Torrevieja2

DATE: 2009
TASKS: Analysis of environmental effects of discharges of stormwater on the different uses of the aquatic environment.

Over the last 20 years IH Cantabria has been developing full-scale monitoring systems of coastal structures (natural and/or artificial) with three objectives :

  • the development of new design technologies based on modeling without scale effects,
  • maintenance of early warning and monitoring systems
  • monitoring of the risk evolution of real structures throughout their life-span.

Using both commercial technologies (GPS, doppler anemometry, buoys accelerometer, pressure and kinematic sensors, remote sensing, etc.) as well as measurement techniques developed ad hoc, IH has accumulated extensive experience in several fields such as: monitoring of breakwaters other port structures, measuring of coastal met-ocean variables,  follow-up of sedimentary process on beaches and estuaries, dynamics of floating objects , etc . Real knowledge on the behaviour of coastal structures represents the final step of the design process and optimization, and complements the theoretical,  numerical and experimental work carried out to scale.

Relevant projects:

- Red Vigia
boya virgen_del_mar_sin_logo
DATES : 2009-2012
CLIENT: Government of Cantabria -Cuevas S. L.
TASKS : Development and management of a monitoring system for marine climate and water quality


- Study of the evolution of the Puntal Beach  Nueva imagen7

DATES : 2002-2011
CLIENT: Project -EU Seaway
TASKS: Monitoring the morphodynamic evolution of Santander spit tusing advanced video imagery technologies. 


-Development of a prototype for offshore wind potential measurement

DATES : 2010-2012
TASKS: Hydraulic Design of a support buoy, definition of the technical requirements and data post processing of the data capture system.


- Monitoring of thePrincipe de Asturias dam shoulder Principe de Asturias

DATES : 1994-1998
CLIENT: Port Authority of Gijón
TASKS: design and operation of a wave measurement system in fron of a breakwater a well as the actuations on the face of the dam Prince of Asturias




MERMAID: Innovative Multi-purpose offshore platforms: planning, design and operation.


MERMAID will develop concepts for the next generation of offshore platforms which can be used for multiple purposes, including energy extraction, aquaculture and platform related transport. The project does not envisage building new platforms, but will theoretically examine new concepts, such as combining structures and building new structures on representative sites under different conditions.

The 28 partner institutes forming MERMAID are Universities (11), Research institutes (8), Industries (5) and Small and Medium Enterprises (4 SME's), from many regions in EU. The group represents a broad range of expertise in hydraulics, wind engineering, aquaculture, renewable energy, marine environment, project management as well as socio-economics.

MERMAID is one of three EU-FP7 funded projects selected for funding in response to Ocean 2011 on multi-use offshore platforms (FP7-OCEAN.2011-1 "Multi-use offshore platforms"). This project shall have a cost of 7,4 million euro. The European Union has granted a financial contribution of 5,5 million euro.


Mermaid website

Published in R&D projects

IH Cantabria and the University of Cantabria  are participating in COCONet,  a European project within the Seventh Framework Programme, which aims to promote the sustainable use of coastal areas in the Mediterranean and Black Sea for the production of offshore wind energy.

The project covers many countries, and involves researchers across many different topics, in order to achieve a holistic approach to environmental protection, with over 39 research centers and universities across Europe and the Black Sea and Mediterranean, including Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, France, Germany and Spain among others. Because of the importance of the project and the impact it can have for this innovative sector, the EU has allocated 9,000,000 euros.

As a part of the outreach program, we have produced a 30-min documentary film on CoCoNet, directed by Roberto Rinaldi. It features Marine Protected Areas, ecosystem functioning, and offshore wind farms, with beautiful and colorful footages of both the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Please take a look and show it for various outreach and dissemination activities.



Published in R&D projects

Guanche, Y., Guanche, R., Camus, P., Mendez, F. J., Medina, R.
A multivariate approach to estimate design loads for offshore wind turbines.
Wind Energy Journal. En revisión.

Published in Journal Articles

Pérez, B., Mínguez, R., Guanche, R., 2012.
Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimization using Mathematical Programming Techniques.
Applied Energy Journal. En revisión.

Published in Journal Articles
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