The Master's course in Coastal and Port Engineering (ICP in Spanish) teaches students  to understand complex coastal processes and affront the challenges which arise when developing offshore and coastal structures  using the most advanced tools and methodologies. The development of  Marine Renewable EnergiesClimate Change or  Port Engineering are just some of the main fields of expertise in which the students will be able to acquire capacities and build knowledge to develop their professional and research careers.

The masters grants the student access to the Phd Program Doctorate in Science and Technologies for Coastal Management, which was awarded the Spanish Educational Ministry's Certificate Of Excellence and Quality (Mencion de Calidad y Mención de Excelencia).

The most relevant coastal authorities in Spain participate in this Master's Program. These Master's Programs are taught only in Spanish. Students must have a relatively high level of Spanish to participate.

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The programme is designed for American students undertaking the first years of Engineering and Science degrees, and it will be held during 4 weeks in June. The programme consists of 4 specific subjects on Coastal and Ocean Engineering and one subject on European culture.

- The Ocean and Coastal Environment
- Introduction  to the coastal and ocean engineering
- Coastal risks: assessment and mitigation
- Harvesting ocean energy

- Spanish language for foreigners / Spanish arts and gastronomy / European culture and civilization / Gender and Culture in European history

Students interested in coastal engineering training may stay 4 additional weeks at IH Cantabria.

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In this section you will find all the information on academic and capacity building programs organized by IH CAntabria: masters, short courses, seminars and more.

For any questions please contact the Capacity Building Department:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+ 0034 942 20 16 16; ext: 1426

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IH Cantabria offers different short term courses throughout the year. One of the most sought after courses is that of the Coasl Modeling System, or  SMC, although we can also find the Advanced Seminars within the Azahar Programme on ICZM. We also teach courses together with the Port authority of Santander or the OEA (Organization for American States), such as the Latin American Course on Technologies, Operations and Environmental Management.

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Augusto González de Linares

GIZCThe Marine Sciences and Technology School began in 2006 to disseminate the research initiatives carried out in Spain within the different marine disciplines, trying to create synergies amongst different fields such as climatology, biology, ecology, etc. IH cantabria together with the University of Cantabria, the Santander Port Authority and the Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo (UIMP) actively participates in the coordination aand teaching of this very special course in which every year some of the most relevant researchers in the field are able to reach younger generations.  

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E-learning aims to use advanced technologies with an educational purpose. It is basesd primarily on the internet platforms although it also includes multimedia tools, virtual tutoring sessions, etc.

Nowadays e-learning has become an important option for those people who due to their geographic situation or work conditions are seeking a more flexible educational program which can better adapt to their needs.

At IH Cantabria we offer several different types of elearning options:

  • Completely online : all knowledge is obtained via the internet, along with online tutoring sessions and exams.
  • Semi-online: e-learning is used to reduce the number of classes in which the student must be present. Physical classes are used to answer questions, show practical examples, etc. 
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Over the years, many people have gone through training programs coordinated by IH Cantabria. If we look at the high number of international students who participate in these courses, it is sometimes difficult to maintain contact. Therefore, this section has been created for you. Our alumni can locate old friends, keep on top of the activities carried out by  IH Cantabria, and keep us informed us of your career path.

As alumni, you can also participate in open days, presentations or talks on current courses helping students or recent graduates.

IHCantabria's alumni group can be found on LinkedIn.

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IH Cantabria is currently developing and improving software and tools which are able to model complex coastal processes. throughout the year, numerous ocurses are offered on these programmes which allow the student to correctly utilize it in both a scientific and professional environment. These courses are offered to technicians with sufficient background in coastal processes. A general summary of these courses is presented: - Introducción a los procesos costeros

-Characteristics of the offered programme

- Applicationa dn development of practical cases

Currently we are offering courses in the following:

SMC (Coastal Modelling System): tools and methodologies to model the dynamics affecting beaches at the different scales. For more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IH2VOF: two dimensional model used to study the surf zone hydrodynamics and their interaction with coastal structures. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IHFOAM:   Three dimensional model for the study of surf zone hydrodynamics, wave interaction with porous tructures and hydraulic engineering.  : - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IH Cantabria also has the necessary computer facilities to carry out these courses, which can also be offered at other locations on demand.

El 21 de septiembre tendrá lugar en las instalaciones del Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de Cantabria (IH Cantabria, Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria-PCTCAN) la Jornada de Lanzamiento del Grupo de Trabajo sobre la Gestión Acuática Portuaria (GAP) enmarcado dentro de la Plataforma Tecnológica para la Protección de la Costa y del Medio Marino (pt-PROTECMA), financiada por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación y coordinada desde la fundación CETMAR.

PROTECMA se crea con el objeto de dar respuesta a los retos, necesidades y prioridades detectados en el ámbito de la protección de la costa y del medio marino aprovechándolos como oportunidades de desarrollo tecnológico en la materia y tiene como principal objetivo desarrollar e implantar una estrategia de investigación, desarrollo tecnológico e innovación.

En este sentido, cabe reconocer a las actividades portuarias como una parte integral, esencial y dinámica de los sistemas costeros que, además, representan un recurso socio-económico valioso, si bien pueden incidir en la calidad de las aguas y de los sedimentos marinos. Por tal motivo, el Grupo de Trabajo de Gestión Acuática Portuaria (GAP), coordinado por IH Cantabria y Puertos del Estado, tiene como principal objetivo el promover el desarrollo de procedimientos metodológicos, herramientas específicas y tecnologías que potencien la proyección internacional de las empresas, organismos públicos de investigación y centros tecnológicos en los foros de debate y decisión asociados a la calidad del medio acuático portuario.

Dirigido tanto al sector empresarial, como a las administraciones públicas y a los centros de investigación, el próximo día 21 de septiembre, la jornada de lanzamiento del Grupo de Trabajo GAP contará con la presencia de más de 60 expertos en la materia, lo cual, permitirá debatir y concluir sobre las necesidades y prioridades en aquellas áreas temáticas de mayor relevancia para la gestión integral de los sistemas acuáticos portuarios.

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The GISH Masters offers a multidisciplinary approach to the complex environmental management of rivers, estuaries and other aquatic systems, providing the most innovative methodologies in fields such as hydraulic modeling, risk assessment or the Water Framework Directive. Access of the graduates to the labor market and improving the technological and innovative capacity of the country.

The master's degree results from the transformation of the Doctoral Program in Environmental Hydraulics with Quality Mention (2005-2006). At the moment it gives access to the Doctorate in Sciences and Technology for the Environmental Management of Water Systems. The Master has the participation of the most relevant public bodies and administrations in the management of water systems. More information on the UC website

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