CCOB (Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin)

With a width of 44m,  a length of 30m and 4 m in depth the CCOB is a facility designed to carry out large scale wave tests for coastal and offshore engineering. It is capable of generating a multidirectional waves, omnidirectional currents and wind, all with a 6m adjustable  pit, giving it an additional 8m of depth. 

  • Maximum depth: 3.4 m
  • Minimum depth: 0.2 m
  • Maximum testing surface: 760 m2


Wave generator: 64 independent wave paddles 0.5 m wide and 4.5 m high capable of generating multidirectional waves with a maximum wave height of 1 m.

Current generator: 12 900 mm diameter mixers capable of generating a flow of up to 18m3 / s.

Wind generator: portable device with an adjustable height, capable of generating high quality wind over 20m / s.

Overhead Crane  10 tons


Multidirectional wave generation,

Multidirectional currents

Wind Generation

Three-dimensional dynamic wave absorption.

Ficha A3 IHLab Hidro_s .pdf


TOD (Directional Wave Tank)

With dimensions of 28 m long, 8.6 m wide and 1.2 m high,  the TOD has a wave generation system consisting of 10 paddles each one 85 cm wide, driven by AC servo motors.

The walls and floor of the tank are made out of concrete and include wave absorbers at its ends zones, both in the rear of the generator and at the opposite end of the tank


Storage tank to the water at a lower level,

2 pumps fto quickly fill up the reservoir.

5-ton crane

Passive  wave length of 6 m.


Multidirectional wave generation,

Three-dimensional dynamic wave absorption.

The surge tank is used in shallow water two-and three-dimensional studies of the stability of coastal structures, beaches stability, performance boats and floating structures in shallow and intermediate and long wave propagation and tsunamis.

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