César Vidal

César Vidal

Education: MSc in Civil Engineering University of Cantabria, Spain 1979, PhD. in Civil Engineering University of Cantabria, Spain, 1984.

Employment record: Assistant Professor, University of Cantabria, 1981, Professor, University of Cantabria, 1987, Researcher NRC Hydraulics Laboratory, Ottawa, Canada, 1991-92, Full Professor University of Cantabria, 2007.

Research fields: stability of rubble mound breakwaters, beach morphodynamics, coastal laboratory techniques, wave-structure interaction, wave energy resource assessment and wave energy conversion systems analysis.

Publications: 20 book chapters, 38 papers in scientific journals and 94 conference proceedings.

Research Projects: Main researcher in projects funded by the Spanish Government, the European Union as well as by several Spanish public administrations (State Ports Authority, Directorate General for Coasts, etc.).

Membership of Professional Associations: Reviewer of European Union INCO, MAST Projects and ANEP Projects, Reviewer of several national and international scientific journals. Co-director of Master Program in Sciences and Technologies for Coastal Management. Member of the Technical Committee for the Spanish Maritime Works Recommendations Program (ROM). Member of the PIANC PTC II WG39 "Monitoring of Breakwaters". Member of the Spanish subcommittee for normalization AEN/CTN 206/SC 114 "Marine energy - Wave and tidal energy converters".

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