Friday, 06 April 2012 11:54

Coastal Modeling System



The Coastal Modelling System (SMC) is a tool that includes a set of methodologies and numerical models, which allow us to study coastal processes and to assess the variations of a beach due to natural events or human activities on the coast.


Faced with a problem on the coast, this methodology allows us to define who we are to carry out studies, spatial and temporal scales that we analyze, which we apply numerical tools that need input data for our analysis. With the SMC are conducted case studies of coastal engineering projects, allowing the analysis of actions at different stages of a study: diagnosis, pre-design, design and environmental impact.

SMC has been designed to be user friendly and has been adapted to many countries, with a wide range of applications.

SMC consists mainly of four modules:

Pre-processing module,

short-term module

medium and long term module

terrain module


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