The development and implementation of monitoring programs and the environmental control of water systems, rivers, estuaries and coasts are some of the main lines of work at IH Cantabria. The studies range from the actual design of the field campaigns, to the statistical treatment of the data, with profound experience in water, sediments and biota field campaigns  (riparian vegetation, marsh vegetation, phytoplankton, invertebrates, seaweed or fish).

Furthermore, IH Cantabria has specialists in the application of physio-chemical and biotic studies to carry out the assessment of ecological status with the WFD, the conservation status (Habitats Directive) or the quality of port waters  (ROM 5.1).

Some relevant work

- Cantabria Water Quality NetworkRedCalidad1

DATES: 2005-2012

CLIENT: Ministry of Environment, Government of Cantabria

TASKS: Design and implementation of network quality of the Cantabrian coast, including the sampling of water, sediment and biota in estuaries and coasts in Cantabria


- Protection Program for the prediction and evaluation of the effects of  "Prestige" oil spill on the Cantabrian shores

DATES: 2003-2005

CLIENT: Cantabria Waste Company

TASKS: Surface evaluation of coastline affected by the Prestige oil spill and monitoring of the effects on ecosystems in the medium term


- Drafting the Management Framework Plan LICs Diapositiva2costeros river and of the Autonomous Community of CantabriaDiapositiva2

DATES: 2005-2008

CLIENT: Spanish Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Government of Cantabria

TASKS: Design and implementation of methodologies to evaluate the conservation status of habitats and species that make up the Natura 2000 network in Cantabria


- Assessment of shellfish resources  on the coast of Cantabria and development of protocols Copia de RecursosMarinos1

DATES: 2005, 2011

CLIENT: Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Government of Cantabria

TASKS: Evaluation of shellfish resources (clams, razor clams, barnacles) in shellfish production areas of Cantabria




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