Submarine Outfalls

Submarine Outfalls

Outfalls are some of the most unique elements of sanitation in coastal areas, since its design combine environmental, hydraulic and constructive.

IH Cantabria's experience in this field is very wide and is supported by its participation in the design of over 30 emissaries worldwide. The work done by the IH range from the design of large urban sewage outfalls (Santander, Gijon, Oviedo, Bilbao, Baku, Montevideo, ...) to the study of industrial effluents and brines through subsea pipelines.

The Institute has its own models for the study of key issues such as initial dilution, dispersion and transport of substances or design of subsea protection.

Some relevant projects

- Technical advice in the design of the Emissaries for Aquatic Plant Mira (Portugal)image025

DATE: 2007

CLIENT: Alternative Industrial Promotion

WORK: Studies of initial and secondary dilution of the emissaries and the farm footage Mira (Portugal), 3 m in diameter for flow of 10 m³ / s.


- Hovsan Submarine Outfall project. Review of feasibility and EIA studies. Complementary dispersion / die-off bidimensional model

Date: 2010

CLIENT: World Bank

TASK: Environmental design of the outfall of the city of Baku (Azerbaijan) discharging into the Caspian Sea and the analysis of the eutrophication processes and bacterial contamination caused by it.

- Technical assistance for underwater outfall design Puntayeguas (Montevideo, Uruguay)image032

DATE: 2011

CLIENT:  Seynco-Tahal Consortium

TASK: Analysis stratification poured into the River Plate and determining the type of pipe material and placement conditions.


- Environmental design of the outfall in Lagares (Vigo) lagares

DATE: 2012

CLIENT: State Society North basin waters, SA (AcuaNorte)image030

TASK: Implementation of a protocol for the design and positioning of the outfall considering hydrodynamic factors, transport (particles, pollutants and sediments) and mixing zone.

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