Impacts and adaptation

Impacts and adaptation

Coastal areas face varied and complex problems. In a context where the pressure and human management combined with a system of great ecological and socio-economic value, the threat associated with changes in coastal dynamics acquires an important role. Impacts such as erosion, flooding, storm damage, modification of estuaries and habitats, condition of groundwater levels, saltwater intrusion in rivers and groundwaters or modification of the functionality and reliability of marine infrastructures are some of the examples of this vast problem. In this context, the addition of the effects and different timescales in which they occur, from hours to years, and even longer term are decisive.

Adaptation is the response of a system to changing environmental conditions , its origin is remote. However, climate change and the current social and economic conditions exacerbate existing problems . Coastal Adaptation is a process socioeconómicoo to be formed on the basis of a technical exercise considering the entire context in which it occurs, including the factors involved . Adaptation options are varied, but specific.

Some relevant projects

- Forecasting the effects of climate change on the Ebro Delta: adaptation and prevention measures

DATES : 2009
CLIENT: Environmental Engineering Workshop
TASKS: Characterization maritime climate and past changes , assessing the impacts of flooding , coastal erosion, saline intrusion and sediment transport.


- Climate Change on the Spanish Coast (C3E)IMPA010

DATES : 2009- 2012IMPA010
CLIENT: Spanish Office of Climate Change ( MAGRAMA )
TASKS : Analysis of variability and climate change in the present and future dynamics governing coastal area in Spain , as well as
impact, exposure and vulnerability arising around the Spanish coast. The results of this project have been integrated into a GIS viewer.

 - Simulator of climate change related coastal impacts (C3Sim)IMPA011

DATES : 2009- 2012
CLIENT: Spanish Office of Climate Change ( MAGRAMA )
TASKS: This tool helps evaluate the impact on various elements of the coast (eg coastal works , beaches , estuaries , etc.) by studying changes in sea level and the incident waves. The algorithms are based on semi- empirical formulations and changes in the joint distributions of the variables using the point estimation method.

 - Innovative coastal technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate THESEUSIMPA013

DATES : 2009-2013
CLIENT: European Union FP7
TASKS : Development of methodologies and models to analyze the risks and impacts of climate change in coastal areas

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