Special techniques

Special techniques

At IHLab Bio, techniques are available to diagnose the overall quality of aquatic environments. These techniques, in combination with other approaches such as chemical analysis, etc.., help  remedial action before the ecosystem is affected.

Among the techniques used in the lab, we will find bioavailability studies, as some aquatic organisms tend to accumulate heavy metals at concentrations above average, leading to bioaccumulation. IHLab Bio provides a full range of study from the collection of organisms, sample treatment and the determination of the concentration of bioaccumulated substances.

Furthermore at IH Cantabria we utilize methodologies to detect disturbance at the cellular and histological level  in organisms which can be used as "early warning system". The laboratory has qualified for histochemical assessments and cell markers.

IHLab Bio has spaces with controlled environmental conditions for conducting bioassments of various organisms: microalgae, macroalgae, macrophytes, fish etc..

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