Biological Analysis

Biological Analysis

Biological analysis allow us to obtain the status of a body of water, an information which is crucial for an adequate management of natural resources.

Different rules and regulations, among which we can highlight the WFD (Water Framework Directive, 200/60/CE) or the Habitat Directive (92/43/CE) stress the need to study and follow the biological communities by introducing concepts such as "ecological status".

At IH Cantabria we have expert researchers and technicians, specialists in the different taxonomical groups, who are able to carry out extense biological analysis completeing the entire sequence of tasks, from the data capturing, to the determination, in most cases, at the species level.


The lab facilities also includea specialized library and equipment to tale of quantitative and qualitative studies of:

  • Vegetation: riverside vegetation, macrphytes, macroalgae, freshwater and marine macroalgae.
  • Invertebrates
  • Fish, population dynamics
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