Saltwater, brackish and freshwater analysis

Saltwater, brackish and freshwater analysis

The biology lab at IH Cantabria has equipment and personnel which can gaurantee the technical standars of the results, offering integrated solutions for the characterization and quality of continental, transitional and marine waters.

The methodologies utilized are based on standardized procedures adapted to the different types of samples being studied, taking into consideration the levels of concentration a well as the possible presence of interfering substances.

IH LabBio also has a fully equipped microbiology lab gauranteeing the quality of the data. It also can perform ecotoxicity anañysis using luminescent bacteria and chronic tests (LCK486)both of which conform to DIN 28412 L34 y L341 as well as the international regulations ISO DIS 11348.



  • water quality according to the different regulations (bathing, aquaculture and shell fisheries, human consumption, etc.)
  • Assessment of the present and potential ecological state of water bodies
  • Nutrient determination in marine waters (nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, phosphates, silicates)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental diagnostics
  • Chlophyll and pheopigment determination
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Toxicity anañysis
  • Assistance to private institutions
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