Wave and Current Flumes

Wave and Current Flumes

COCOTsu (Wave-Current-Tsunami Flume)

The current-wave-tsunami flume has been designed to test the performance of medium and large scale coastal protection structures, floating structures, wave-current interaction and wave-structure, among others.


  • 56 m long,
  • 2 m wide
  • Variable height from 2.5 m to 1.8 m.


  • Wave generation system based on a piston-type blade, capable of generating waves of up to 0.8 m, stroke length up to 2 m with active uptake reflected wave system.
  • Reversible power generation system, able to generate flows of 1000 liters per second, located below the wave generator to minimize their effect on the generated waves
  • 10 ton crane
  • See-through midsection for use of optical instruments (LDA, PIV and LIF, among others).
  • Trolley and positioning control with 3D capability and speed of up to 2 m / s.


COC (Wave-Current Flume)

Of smaller dimensions than the previous installation, designed for small and medium scale tests.


  • 24 m in length
  • 0.6 m wide
  • 0.75 m in height


  • Wave generation system comprising a piston-type blade, driven by an oil-hydraulic tappet provided with an active absorption system reflected wave.
  • Power generation system reversible up to 120 l / s.
  • Complete section of tempered glass, allowing direct visualization of the tests for use of optical instrumentation and laser (LDA and PIV).
  • Ship crane testing 5 ton capacity.
  • The wave-current channel is used in basic research on behavior and wave propagation, wave-current combined flow and small-scale tests of dimensional stability of coastal protection structures.


CPV (Channel Variable Slope)

The variable slope channel is used in behavioral studies hydraulic structures such as dams, and dissipating energy collectors, subjected to the action of a stream, or to the detailed study of turbulent flows, bumps and changes of regime.


  • Total length of 8 m.
  • Width 30 cm.


  • Longitudinal current generator with a maximum flow of 25 l / s
  • Adjustable gradient system from 1:40 to -1:200.
  • Complete section glazed on both sides.
  • Flowmeter integrated with the return pumping system.

The channel is modeled with a variable slope of S6 and developed by Armfield, Ltd.

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