Analytics and Taxonomy

Analytics and Taxonomy

One of IH Cantabria´s main work areas is the development and implementation of environmental monitoring and control programs for freshwater, estaurine and coastal water systems. The teams abilities range from the actual design of the field campaigns to the statistical treatment of the data all the while incorporating our diverse experience in water, biota, and sediment sampling techniques (riverside vegetation, phytoplancton, estaurine vegetation, invertebrates, macroalgae, fish, etc). These techniques and others are also applied to physical-chemical and biological indices to study the ecological state (Water Framework Directive), the state of conservation (Habitat Directive) or port water quality (ROM 5.1).

Relevant Projects

- Environmental Quality Monitoring Network for the coast of CantabriaSp 2007

DATE: 2005-2012
CLIENT: Cantabria Regional Environmental Council
TASKS: Design and implementation of the

diseño e implementación de la red de calidad del litoral de Cantabria, que comprende la toma de muestras de agua, sedimento y biota en los estuarios y la zona costera de Cantabria.

- Bionomical mapping of the coast of Cantabria Copia de RecursosMarinos1

DATE: 2005
CLIENT: Cantabria Regional Environmental Council
TASKS: Bionomical mapping of  estuarine vegetation and subtidal macroalgae communities.

- Environmental and Biological Characterization of the Fontibre spring

(Cantabria, Spain)


DATE: August 2009
CLIENT: Government of Cantabria
TASKS: Water quality and invertebrate characterization to study possible future restoration works.


- Estimation of the carrying capacity of the common trout Salmo trutta in Andalusian rivers


DATE: March 2010
TASKS: Characterization of the trout populations in 5 anadlusian rivers and analysis of the environmental factors determining the limtting biomass.

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