Estuarine management

Estuarine management

Daily coastal managers face problems related to the management of estuaries and wetlands. The character of the transition zone at the confluence of river and sea waters, gives these sites a physical, biological and socioeconomic unique among all marine areas. This makes them very valuable areas and, moreover, highly degraded due to human pressure bearing. In addition, rising sea levels due to climate change will be a challenge for management.

In recent decades IH Cantabria has acquired the experience and has developed the tools to tackle any project management of a wetland or estuary. For this, there is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, biologists, chemists and economists who can address all types of studies, such as: environmental restoration of estuaries, environmental impact assessment, flood risk, aquaculture, eutrophication, quality water and environmental flows.


Some relevant projects

- Study of the effects of sanitation on the water quality of the Albufera (Spain)


DATES: 2008-2009

CLIENT: EPSAR (Valencia Public Entity Wastewater Treatment )

TASKS: hydrodynamic study comprehensive system ditches - Albufera lake - sea considering the inherent complexity of the regulation by the exchange gates flow between the lake and the sea. Development, calibration and validation of an ad hoc eutrophication model and its application to the analysis of the effects of discharges and irrigation return flows on water quality of the lake.


- Morphodynamic study of flood levels at the Reggaeton beach (Laredo, Spain) Regatonregaton

DATES: 2009

CLIENT: Department of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea (Ministry of Environment and Rural Marino)

TASKS: Calculating the extreme regime of flooding Regatón beach. The study was conducted by calculating the current dynamics as the assumption of climate change scenarios.


- Hydrodynamic and morphodynamic study to draft the "Plan for the recovery of drying marshes in Cantabria" (Spain) concesion dique

DATES: 2009-2010


TASKS: Study of the effects of the recovery plan with existing concessions in all estuaries of Cantabria and the development of a ranking based on physical criteria to aid in the decision making process.


- Environmental Analysis of the sewage emmissions produced by the Vegadeo and Castropol councils (Spain)Castropol

DATES: 2010


TASKS: Calibration and validation of a hydrodynamic model for the estuary of the Eo, obtaining currents in the estuary. A comparative analysis of two alternative environmental viability of treated effluent discharge: direct discharge to the estuary and discharged through outfall. Environmental design of the outfall.


- Simulation model of the salt wedge Ebro River Delta and sensitivity analysis of minimum flow regimes (Ebro Delta, Spain)

DATES: 2012

CLIENT: Ebro River Basin (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment)

TASKS: Development of a two-phase model for managing the evolution of the salt wedge in the Ebro Delta


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