Monitoring of beaches and estuaries

Monitoring of beaches and estuaries

IH Cantabria has extensive experience in the design and production of all types of monitoring campaigns in coastal areas, which together with numerical and physical models, and the multidisciplinary nature of IH Cantabria's researchers and staff, give IH Cantabria the comprehensive knowledge of the processes and dynamics governing these complex environments.
A wide range of monitoring systems are used at IH Cantabria, including standard methods of in situ measurements (GPS, pressure and kinematic sensors, collection and analysis of water column samples, etc.) and quasi-real-time video monitoring systems  sistema HORUS.
IH Cantabria offers a set of monitoring systems that provide high temporal and spatial resolution, the ability to address a wide range of studies, including:
hydrodynamic campaigns, morphological evolution of estuaries and beaches, navigation channel management, analysis of the affected areas of industrial and municipal discharges in coastal areas and user density distribution on beaches.

Some examples of recent work:

- Application of methodologies and techniques based on video systems for monitoring coastal environmental problems : application to the beaches of Cartagena , Colombia.

DATES : 2008
CLIENT: Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development ( AECID )
TASKS: Developing an environmental monitoring system based on video cameras and processing the information they collect (
Sistema HORUS ). The work carried out in this field seeks to establish indicators which will assist managers to make decisions regarding beach erosion, tourism management or even help understand the coastal processes and tracking performances in engineering projects. The system  is currently operating on the beaches of Cartagena, Colombia .

- Aplicación de metodologías y técnicas basadas en sistemas de video para el seguimiento de los problemas ambientales costeros: aplicación a las Playas de Cartagena, Colombia.

FECHAS: 2008
CLIENTE: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID)
TRABAJO REALIZADO: Desarrollo de un sistema de monitoreo ambiental basado en cámaras de vídeo y el procesamiento de la información que estas recopilan (). Buscando establecer indicadores útiles que permita a gestores tomar decisiones respecto a problemáticas de erosión de playas y gestión turística, como también permitir en proyectos de ingeniería entender los procesos litorales y el seguimiento de actuaciones. Sistema que actualmente se encuentra operativo en las playas de Cartagena, Colombia.

- Monitoring by cameras hydromorphological and ecological evolution Oyambre estuary in the vicinity of the new openings in the estuaries of Rabies and Captain

DATES : 2011
CLIENT: Government of Cantabria, Department of Biodiversity .
TASKS: Installation of 2 video camera  and monitoring
systems of estuarine morphodynamic evolution at the Oyambre Natural Park (Cantabria , Spain ), once the new bridges had been built to cross over the estuary, allowing the flow to increase between the estuary and the open sea on the other side. 

- Environmental Diagnosis Episodes Eutrophication of the Lagoon of Tidal Mill Santa Olalla

DATES : 2009
CLIENT: Government of Cantabria, Department of Biodiversity .
TASKS: Field campaign to study the hydrodynamics (sea level and current field
measurements), and physico-chemical characterization of the water column (measurement of dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, conductivity, chlorophyll, nitrogen and phosphorus) and sediment (grain) in the Joyel estuary (Spain) to establish the origin of the eutrophication problem of  and to help develop solutions.

- Development of a pilot system for beach management services and determination of carrying capacity of the beaches surrounding the city of Santander

DATES : 2007
CLIENT: Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environment
TASKS: Installing a video-monitoring  and image analysis
system to determine the number of users at the different areas, its evolution in space and time and its correlation with the services offered at the different beaches.

- Red Vigia

DATES : 2012
CLIENT: Government of Cantabria -Cuevas S. L.
WORK: Development and management of a marine climate and water quality
monitoring system.

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