Coastal Erosion and Beach Nourishment

Coastal Erosion and Beach Nourishment

IH Cantabria has gained broad experience in the areas of marine dynamics, coastal dynamics, management of coastal erosion problems, regeneration projects beach and dune, environmental impact during dredging and the impact of dredging ditches and canals in coastal navigation over its 25 years in the field.

All this experience has allowed IH Cantabria to develop new methods and numerical tools such as Coastal Modelling System (SMC), which produces reliable results for technical studies of coastal related issues such as beach regenerations: Diagnosis, Pre-design (blueprint), design (project) and Monitoring and evaluation of the works, providing environmentally sound solutions which are compatible with the functionality and stability of the proposed alternatives.

IH Cantabria can carry out its service anywher in the worls, with dynamic wave, tidal and meteorological and astronomical rise of sea level databases. These databases are obtained numerically through reanalysis, calibrated and validated with satellite data and instrumental data, while at the same time providing numerical methodologies and tools developed to conduct studies of high quality and precision.

Some relevant work

- Study of stability Massaguaçu Beach (São Paulo)image004

DATE: 2011-2012

CLIENT: Ministry of Brazil do Meio Ambiente

WORK DONE: Study of the problem of erosion and retreat of the coastline of the beach Massaguaçu. The study consists of a historical analysis of the evolution of the coastline and sedimentology, marine dynamics characterization Beachfront (waves, currents, sediment transport and levels), proposed a model operating morphodynamic beach on scales short, medium and long term, proposed alternative solutions and evaluation of the functionality and stability of the same.


- Study of Tunisian coastal protection against sea erosion (Beni Kira - Give Chaabane, Gulf of Hammamet)image008

DATE: 2006-2007

CLIENT: AECID. Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development

TASKS: This is a study of coastal protection against erosion Tunisia. Specifically, we have studied in detail the current situation and the alternatives protection of the coast stretching from Dar Chaabane Béni Khiar up on the Gulf of Hammamet. The aim is to ensure the protection of existing infrastructure and buildings on the waterfront, and the establishment of a stable and suitable for beach tourism use (bathing, water sports, sunbathing, etc.). This project includes the adaptation of the SMC to the Tunisian coast, and its technology transfer and technical training of management and local research centers.


- Study of the condition of dredging in the bank environment E (Port of Gijón) in morphodynamics beaches and adjacent worksimage011

DATE: 2007

CLIENT: UTE DIQUE TORRES (Port Authority of Gijón)

TASKS: In this work, the condition of a dredging seawall near the Port of Gijón, in the morphodynamics and adjacent works, allowing the design and establishment of maximum trench dredging support stability Xivares beach and the design criteria of adjacent works (breakwater and outfall). The study characterizing the dynamics in marine dredging area, series 60 (waves, currents, winds and sea levels), design of trench dredging, based on a  evolution and morphodynamic probability analysis model of the impact of the evolution of the trench.


- Integral Study of the beach and dunes of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)image016

DATE: 2007

CLIENT: Directorate General of Coasts (Ministry of Environment, Spain)

TASKS: Due to the reduced volume of sand dune field of Maspalomas (Canary Islands, Spain), in this work, a comprehensive study of the beaches and dune field, analyzing, both from a standpoint morphodynamic as environmental causes and future evolution of this coastal section. Among the tasks the following were carried out: marine dynamics study on the current situation, as well as past morphological configurations; geomorphological and sedimentological analysis of the area; study of marine biocenosis and vegetation dynamics modeling wind dune field in  current situation and its evolution in the past decades;  morphodynamic model system approach on beaches and dune field, assessing current and future stability,and finally design of the proposed improvement and restoration activities for the dune-beach system.


- Study of Regeneration morphodynamic the Barcelona Olympic BeachesSERErosion019

DATE: 2008

CLIENT: Phase II UTE Barcelona Beaches

TASK: In this work, a study of regeneration of a series of urban beaches, the beaches of Barcelona Olympic. Which are 7 beaches comprising a total of 4.5 km of coastline (La Barceloneta, Somorrostro, Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella and New Creation). As part of the work a characterization of the marine S dynamics was created using the SMC software developed by IH. A proposed morphodynamic solution and necessary grains were determined to comply with the conditions of beach width established by the General Costas Directorate, along with the design of a set of containment works.



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