IHCantabria starts the BRACC project: Breakwater Reliability Assessment by Climate Change
Monday, 16 July 2018 10:11

IHCantabria starts the BRACC project: Breakwater Reliability Assessment by Climate Change

braccThe Hydrodynamics and Coastal Infrastructures Group of IHCantabria starts the BRACC project, Breakwater Reliability Assessment by Climate Change. BRACC is a 3-year project supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities beginning in 2018 and it is leaded by Javier L. Lara and Gabriel Díaz Hernández.

Coastal infrastructures are particularly vulnerable to climate change effects. Ports and harbours, among them, will be especially affected because of their inherent long-life cycles, the high exposure of coastal localizations, the global market dependency, and the pre-established and very restrictive downtime thresholds. Expected sea level and storm energy rise, will change the structural and hydrodynamic response of actual harbours. This project will quantify the previously mentioned climate change effects on harbour structures, focusing on rubble-mound breakwaters, in order to obtain the variation of failure probability due to climate change. This study will offer a chance to establish adaptation planning for harbours and ports.

The objective of the project is to contribute to the current state-of-the art, including an innovative coastal structure vulnerability and risk assessment. It will be accomplished with the development of new algorithms, statistical tools, and cutting-edge numerical models which include the long term met-ocean evolution in the breakwater design, the geometrical response of the structure and the dynamic reliability effects. The final product will include a new set of probabilistic formulations with a direct technological transfer to real breakwater design, for public/private companies and port authorities, supported by specific ad hoc tools.

To learn more: http://bracc.ihcantabria.es/en/

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