IHCantabria chosen as a singular project in Spain on the 30th anniversary of the cohesion funds
Monday, 23 April 2018 18:29

IHCantabria chosen as a singular project in Spain on the 30th anniversary of the cohesion funds

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The Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of the University of Cantabria, IHCantabria, has been chosen as a unique project in Spain as an example of good practice in European cohesion policy on its 30th anniversary.

Among other Spanish projects, the institute was presented as a unique project and after a strong selection process we were chosen as an example of the good work and positive impact on citizenship of these cohesion policies.

The general director of IHCantabria said at a press conference that the institute exists thanks to the "commitment of the Government and the University of Cantabria to the knowledge industry to change the growth model and generate quality employment".

Thus, he has praised the fact that the Environmental Hydraulics Institute "tries to generate science that serves society and solves social problems" but that, in addition, he has claimed, makes a science that is self-sustaining.

At this point, he indicated that IHCantabria has brought to Cantabria in the last 10 years "more than 80 million euros". "Taking into account that the investment made by Cantabria was just over eight million, the return obtained for each euro invested is more than 10", said Medina.

In these years of existence, the achievements obtained in water research have been transferred to society and with a clear market orientation, being also allies of more than 60 companies annually, in their innovative challenges.

This dominant position stems from the strong specialisation in the areas of knowledge related to the water cycle. These areas have strong institutional support and growth prospects: sustainable development, climate change, blue economy, etc..

In addition to being based on the scientific-technical quality of the 150 technicians and researchers, where an enormous amount of research, technology transfer and specialised training is based. Workers who manage a multidisciplinary knowledge, with the presence of engineers, mathematicians, economists, biologists, etc., that allows us to approach projects from many specialties, simplifying the integral solutions to the problems and needs of the client.

In addition, this institute manages first-rate technological infrastructures, including hydrobiology and supercomputing laboratories and the Large Marine Engineering Tank, all with the ICTS seal, which offers the technical capacity to generate high quality waves, wind and currents, both in deep waters and on the coast, in the fields of marine renewable energies, coastal infrastructures or the analysis of coastal processes and new strategies for coastal protection.


IHCantabria's activity has taken place mostly abroad (approximately 70%) and has participated in more than 24 European research projects.

This internationalization has led us to an international position with more than 1000 projects in 60 countries and an important network of international contacts.

In 2017, the centre was ranked sixth in the Shanghai Ocean Engineering research ranking and has claimed that this position has been reached "not by the number of scientific publications but by their quality". This quality is transferred to the training activities in which, in all this time, the number of more than 9000 students has been exceeded, among which there have been more than 30 different nationalities.

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About Cohesion 30

It is a selection showing how the EU Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund are making a real difference to people's life quality. There is one project from each of the 28 Member States, plus two examples illustrating cross-border cooperation(interreg), which has always been a great success and has been an important feature of cohesion policy. Making a total of 30.

We became part of a select list of projects as varied and significant as a supercomputing center, laser research, Smart cities, museums, biotechnology incubators, etc....


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