IHCantabria organized last week the International Congress SCACR 2017
Wednesday, 11 October 2017 15:30

IHCantabria organized last week the International Congress SCACR 2017


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Last week the Institute of environmental Hydraulics of Cantabria, IHCantabria, from the University of Cantabria, together with the University of Salento, COPRI and IAHR, organised the SCACR 2017 (International Short Course and Conference on Applied Coastal Research 2017) congress held in Santander is the Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica de la Universidad de Cantabria. The congress was organized by Roberto Tomasicchio and Felice D' Alessandro from the University of Salento, and Iñigo J. Losada, Javier L. Lara and María Maza from IHCantabria.

The congress was very well received with 75 attendees from 15 different countries. During the week, aspects of modern engineering were discussed such as: Coastal waves, processes and structures; Ports and inland waterways; Energy and Marine Resources; Dredging in marine areas; Numerical, laboratory and field methods; Coastal environment, coastal risk and coastal development; Impact and adaptation to climate change.

There were also four prestigious figures in the field of coastal engineering who gave the following plenary sessions:

Miguel A. Losada (Full Professor UGR, Dctor. of AIESR, Dctor. EFDRG):

A global methodology for harbor design, construction and managing

Francisco Esteban Leffler (Technical Director of FCC Services):

Research and Innovation Challenges in Marine Construction

José Jimenez (Full Professor and Head of the Morphodynamics and ICZM Area of LIM/UPC):

Managing beaches in the age of scarcity

Maurizio Brochinni (Direttore Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile, Edile e dell'Architettura UPdM):

Hydro-morphodynamics of micro-tidal estuaries

Afterwards, on Friday, a field trip was made to visit the port of Laredo, La Salvé beach and the marshes of Santoña.

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