Linked to TELWIND Project IHCantabria would like to hire an Specialized engineer
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 10:42

Linked to TELWIND Project IHCantabria would like to hire an Specialized engineer


The Environmental Hydraulics Institute "IHCantabria" is a joint research centre which specializes in basic and applied research, development of methodologiesand tools for the study and analysis of coastal and port infrastructure,hydrodynamics; coastal/ports/river engineering, estuarine dynamics, transport processes , marine and renewable energy and offshore infrastructures. It has recently been awarded the research project TELWIND Integrated TElescopic tower and evolved spar floating substructure for low-cost deep offshore WInd and next generation of 10mW+ Turbines), within the European program H2020 LCE 2 - 2014/2015: “Developing the next generation technologies of renewable electricity and heating/cooling.”

The TELWIND Project aims to develop a revolutionary integrated floating offshore systemthat allows a radical cost reduction both in terms of material usage and required means and operations thanks to its innovative system of telescopic tower and platform design, two key elements for reducing actual costs required by the sector.This project will be led in IHCantabria by the researcher Raul Guanche García head of the Offshore Engineering and Ocean Energy group.

IHCantabria would like to hire an engineer / mechanical engineer / industrial or aeronautical engineer with at least one year of experience. The role: supporting the development of TELWIND project and different projects carried out by the Offshore Engineering and Ocean Energy group.

Required profile:

- Mechanical engineer

- Industrial mechanic

- Aeronautical engineer

- Wind Energy MSc. or similar

- Expertise on modelling and design of wind turbines: load evaluation,dynamic behavior, and control.

- Expertise on structural calculation.

- Expertise on fluid mechanics.

- Expertise on programming: Matlab, Python, Fortran, C/C ++

- Expertise on softwares: FAST, Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Aqwa, SESAM-DNV.

- Fluent English spoken and written.

The role:

Being integrated into the current team for the experimental and numerical modeling of floating turbines and other devices related to marine renewables:

- Load calculation for wind turbines.

- Numerical and experimental modeling of floating turbines.

- Modelling and structural calculation of floating bodies

- Modelling of dynamic systems such as wave energy converters and other floating bodies.

- Collaboration in the development of dynamic systems advanced modelling.


Interested ones, can find the call and contact form in  Cantabria´s University COIE Website

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